Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to avoid bugs and insects in flour, lentils and pulses

To avoid insects and bugs in your kitchen pantry items follow the following methods;

  1. Before storing and lentils or pulses make sure to sun dry them for 6 hours or dry roast them (i.e. fry in a pan without oil) and after they cool down store them in clean air-tight containers. Follow this step even if you have got them freshly from the grocery store. Do not roast them too much. 
  2. Add a piece of asafoetida or hing into the storage boxes/containers. 
  3. Spread some turmeric powder inside the containers to avoid insects. 
  4. To avoid ants put some cloves inside the sugar storage containers. 
  5. Always use dry and clean containers, spoons or spatulas. Usage of airtight containers reduces the infection risk.
  6. If there are any pulses/lentils/rice infected with the bugs discard them immediately. Or spread them under sun for 6 hours, from morning to noon. Then use them immediately. If you store them, they may get infected again. 
  7. During frequent intervals (say for about once in 2 months) dry roast or sun dry the stored pulses/lentils. Do this especially when the climate is humid.
  8. Spread some neem leaves in the pantry shelves.
If you follow the above tips bugs and insects will never ever peep into your kitchen :)

Have a nice day!!

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