Friday, 20 July 2012

How to avoid Flatulence after eating grams and pulses

Grams are the tastiest and healthiest food packed with loads of nutrients like Proteins, Fiber, Vitamins and other essential minerals. But the bane of eating pulses are that they cause flatulence after eating, a discomfort in the digestion causes gases to be formed and accumulated. Digestion slows down due to the increased quantities of protein and fiber and also a flatulence causing agent present in the pulses. The only pulse that does not have flatulence causing agents is Green gram / Paasi payaru. So, to avoid such trouble try the following method it really works!!

  • Wash the pulses well in water. Soak them if necessary, some pulses needs to be soaked overnight. If so discard the water next morning. You won't lose any vitamins cause the vitamins present in the pulses are not water soluble.
  • While making some preparations with pulses, add a cup of extra water. But be careful with the timings or else the pulse will turn mushy.
  • Cook them separately either in a pressure cooker or pot like you normally cook, until the seed's cover gets cracked.
  • Now discard the extra water. Not a drop should be left. Some people may use the leftover water thinking that it contains nutrients but it is not at all necessary. (Remember the vitamins are not water soluble!!!) The flatulence causing agent will be present in this cooked water, so discarding will help you get rid of flatulence.
  • While making the preparations, add Asafoetida (aka) Hing which helps aid easy digestion. For any kin of pulse preparation this is a must add ingredient. Also it gives a good aroma and flavor to the recipes.
  • If you don't like to add Asafoetida, then use garlic and ginger to help and ease digestion. 
And the common rule for healthy digestion is;
Because, CARBOHYDRATES GETS DIGESTED IN YOUR MOUTH, DIGESTION STARTS IN YOUR MOUTH ITSELF. Sometimes even improper chewing may cause flatulence and digestive discomfort!!
So next time Chew.... Chew.... and Chew..No hurry!!
Hope this relieves you of the discomfort  :) !!


  1. Very useful post divya :) I never knew that the leftover water has no nutritious value...Thanks for sharing dear...Lovely blog to get more information!

  2. Thank you so much Priya :) Thanks for the appreciation :)

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  4. Self Treatment Of Flatulence can be done by the control of diet. Additionally avoiding chewing gum and smoking is recommended which will prevent deglutition of gas. Alpha-galactosidase is the dietary supplement which can help treat flatulence. Other than this over the counter charcoal tablets are present which help absorb excessive gas in the digestive tract.

  5. who says vitamins are not soluble in water?!!! there are water- soluble and in soluble vitamins. vitamins B and C are water soluble. So if you throw away the water in which you cook your food, you might be throwing away those vitamins too!

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  7. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.


  8. This is complete stupidity. Don't misguide people, if you don't know facts. Who told you "The only pulse that does not have flatulence causing agents is Green gram / Paasi payaru." In fact green gram causes flatulence/ bloating and I have experienced it.

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